Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rite Aid

How to Save Big at Rite Aid

Rite Aid is great for having free items every month and some good promotions. In addition, the offer coupons online for watching videos and a new loyalty card which rewards you with rebates at the bottom of your receipt (much like CVS). With all these ways to save, it can get a little complicated, but with a little extra patience, you can get some amazing deals at Rite Aid!

All About +UP Rewards
Rite Aid's loyalty program is called +UP rewards and it generates automatic rebates on select items which print on the bottom of your receipt when you use your Wellness + Card. In addition, the card tracks your spending and you can get discount certificates when you reach certain spending minimums (see Rite Aid's website for more details). +UP rewards can be used in conjunction with coupons, like a gift certificate, and can be "rolled" to buy items that generate more rewards.

What is a Single Check Rebate?
A Single Check Rebate (SCR) is a “mail-in” rebate program that allows you to take advantage of multiple rebates and get a single check for them every month. While it is called a “mail-in” rebate, you really don’t have to mail anything at all. All rebates can be submitted online, making the whole process easier and faster. Once you’ve set up an account at Rite Aid (, all you need to do is enter a few numbers from your receipt. The system will automatically detect which rebates you qualify for and keep track of them for you. When you finish your shopping for the month, you just click the “Request My Rebate” button and you’ll get a check in the mail 2-3 weeks. You can cash the check at the bank or use it like a gift certificate at Rite Aid. I prefer to cash the check at the bank and add the cash to a Rite Aid gift card to help me keep track of my spending (so I know when I'm actually spending out of pocket). For some reason, RA will not let you use the SCR certificate to buy a gift card.

How do I know which items have SCRs?
Rite Aid has a catalog that lists all the items with SCRs available. Copies are available at the front of the store in the same rack as the weekly circulars. Be careful when looking at the catalog, though. While most of the rebates are available throughout the whole month, many are available only on select days. When in doubt, Rite Aid has an excellent website that lists all the SCRs available that month. You can even click on all the items on the list that you are interested in and print a list of only those items - straight off the website! This is a great way to organize your shopping!

Rite Aid Video Values
Not only does Rite Aid offer 2 different ways to earn rebates, but they have a program called "Video Values," which allows you to print coupons online after watching commercials. These coupons can be combined with manufacturer's coupons (the ones in the Sunday paper) and rebates to make for very cheap or free items. There are frequently promotions that also allow you to earn a $ off $$ coupon (ex. $2 off $10) when you watch a certain number of videos. So, potentially, you could use a manufacturer's coupon, a Rite Aid Video Values coupon, and a $ off $$ coupon on one item and get a rebate back!!

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