Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Great Deals this Week!

Check out a few great deals I've run into at different stores around town:

Dove bars (single) are on sale for $0.99 each if you use the in-ad coupon. Pair this with $10 in RRs when you buy 8 and you've got yourself a MONEY MAKER!! Now, the coupon states "limit 3 per coupon," but WAGS usually lets you get as many as you want at the coupon price. YMMV
***I just saw that the trial size Dove deoderant is also working for this deal, and it's also $0.99 without a coupon!*** ugghh... I've been to 3 out of the 4 WAGS in town and NO ONE has any deo or soap. Bummer!

Colgate also has a RR deal going. It's $3.49 with $3.50 in RRs. There's a $0.75 coupon on this item or you can use the $1.50 coupon from the March All You magazine to turn a freebie into another money maker!

I'm hearing that Gillette body wash and shampoos are on sale at WalMart and Target for around $2. There are $2 coupons for these, making them free or nearly free. I haven't checked this one out, so let me know if you do this one and if it works for you. ***update*** The body wash is marked down to $3.50-something at Target, so they're not free there. The shampoo/conditioner are not on sale. Let me know if any of you catch them at WalMart.***

Rite Aid
Check out the clearance racks (or stickered items on the shelves) for Garnier Fructis hair products. There are $1 coupons out there, plus there is a rebate on them this month: $1 WYB 1, $3 WYB 2, or $5 WYB 3 items. If you can find some good marked-down items, you could end up with free or nearly free hair products! I'd tell you where to go to have the best chance at finding these items, but I have to keep some of my secrets to myself ;-)

This weekend I found True North peanut snacks on clearance for $1.75. I had a $1 coupon (SS 2/8/09) and got some cheap snacks. I only got 1 b/c I didn't know if I'd like them, but my hubby and I both like them, so now I guess I have to go get some more!

Harris Teeter
Palermo's Pizza is on sale B2B3 (that's buy 2 get 3 FREE)! They are $6.99 each, but there are $1 coupons available online if you join the manufacturer's website:
If you can print 5 of these, it should make them $1.80 each!

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