Saturday, March 14, 2009

Weekly Deals for March 15

Well, the list isn't as long as last week's, but there are definitely some good deals to be had. If you're only going to go to one drug store this week, I'd make it CVS. Here's the link to the spreadsheet for this week.

Deals to look for:

At CVS, there is a GREAT deal on Pantene. It's a little confusing on the spreadsheet, so here's how it works. Pantene 13.5 oz shampoos and conditioners are $3.50 each. You will earn $2 ECB WYB 2 Pantene products, limit 5. There are $1 coupons for the Nature Fusion products. AND there are supposed to be coupons for a FREE styling product WYB Pantene shampoo and conditioner. So, if you get a combination of 4 shampoos and/or conditioners and 2 styling products, you can use 4 coupons for the Nature Fusion and 2 Free wyb 2 coupons and get $6 in ECBs. You grand total will be $4 or $0.75 per product. If you don't want the Nature Fusion or don't have enough coupons, there are $1/2 coupons for any Pantene shampoo or conditioner. That will make your total $6 or $1.00 per product. Not bad if you're addicted to Pantene like I am - I will definitely be stocking up!

At Walgreens there is another good deal if you need to stock up on candy. Palmer easter candy is on sale $2.99 and BOGO. You can also apply for the $10 EasySaver rebate WYB $20 of Palmer candy. At this price, you'll have to buy 14 of them, but it makes each bag of candy $0.78 each, for a grand total of $10.93.

That's about it - I need to go to bed now! I'll update this post if I see any other deals when I go out tomorrow.

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