Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekly Deals for April 12

The weekly deals post is back!!! It's taken me a little longer this time, but I've got a spreadsheet for you HERE with all the best drug store deals for this week. There's a great deal on Pantene and Dove hair care at CVS and several freebies as WAGS. If you like Swiffer stuff, here's a deal I pulled off of IHeartRiteAid's blog:
Many Swiffer products are $3.99 at RA (Swiffer kits are also on sale)
There are 2 rebate offers you can pair this with:
SCR#103 - $2 WYB Swiffer Dust & Shine 9.7oz, Duster set 5ct, Wet refills 12ct or Dry refills 16ct
Swiffer Rebate - $5 debit card WYB $10 in Swiffer refills OR $10 debit card WYB $20 in Swiffer refills click here for rebate info and form
The only drawback, is that there are no coupons out for Swiffer refills right now. However, if you got 3 refills ($11.97) and apply for both rebates, your total would be $4.97 or $1.65 each.
Buying $20 to get the $10 card isn't as good of a deal because you can only do the $2 SCR once.

I hope you get some good deals this week, let me know if I missed something. Happy Spring Break!!

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