Saturday, May 30, 2009

Weekly Deals for May 31

If I were to describe this week's drug store deals in one word, it would be "pitiful." There are almost no good deals out there this week!! It's so bad, I didn't even include CVS in the spreadsheet. Click to view the weekly spreadsheet here.

In other news, Harris Teeter's triples sale continues until Tuesday. Unlike the drug stores, there are LOTS of great deals here and plenty of FREEBIES! I've been twice already. Both stores seem to have lots of things in stock, in fact, on Wednesday, I didn't find any freebies they were out of! My husband and I walked in there and got $100 worth of groceries for $15 (and I bought milk and non-sale juice)! Here are some items I found that are free or nearly free, but I'm sure there are more. For the simplicity's sake, I'll just list the item and assume you have a good stock of RPs and SSs :-)
- Eggo Waffles
- Mahatma rice packets (yellow/saffron rice)
- French's mustard
- Knorr Pasta Sides Plus (on sale)
- McCormick Vanilla (artificial = free, real = $0.74)
- Lawry's Marinade
- McCormick Spices and rubs
- Ragu Pasta Sauce (Sweet Tomato Basil and Margherita only)
- Betty Crocker Warm Delights (so yummy!)
- Kraft Barbeque Sauce
- Yakisoba
- Wacky Mac
- Snyder's Pretzel Pieces (also yummy)
- Spray and Wash products
- Dial hand soap pumps
- Lava soap (free with coupon from All You)
- Mitchum deodorant (with $0.75 coupon, most sale items are FREE)

Need a Harris Teeter refresher? Click here

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