Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Staples Deals

After the "deals" last week, I wasn't expecting any more good back to school offers this week, but I am pleasantly surprised! The $0.01 deal this week is on 2-pocket folders with a limit of 20 per customer (not sure what it will be for teachers). There are also a few B1G2 deals this week. Here is the list with the price for 1 beside the item description (which actually becomes the price for 3!)
- 4-packs of Staedtler erasers ($3.29)
- 12 packs of Staples Comfort Stic ballpoint pens, medium, in black, blue or red ($1.99)
- 12" plastic rulers ($1.49)
- plastic "slider" pencil cases ($0.99)
- 9"x12" construction paper 200 pack ($4.99)
- 2 pack of Westcott 5" kids' scissors ($1.49)

Other good deals this week include TI-84 calculators for $79.99 (after MIR), several B1G1 deals (mostly pens and paper), as well as the $2, $5 and $10 sales, which appear to be mostly the same items that have been on sale at these prices over the last few weeks. Still, not a bad place to pick up some last-minute school/office supplies!

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