Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Walgreens Gripe

OK, so I did my drug store shopping this weekend and, while it wasn't quite as productive as last weekend's, I still scored some great deals and several freebies. In particular, I was running low on toothbrushes (under the half-dozen mark!), so I was happy to see WAGS bring back their Reach/Listerine deal. Got 3 twin packs of toothbrushes and the FARR (free after register rewards) toothpaste and paid with only RR and gift cards (still have $ left over from the EasySaver rebates). Anyway, I was very happy to walk out with all those RR w/o having to pay out of pocket. Well, the next day, I was out and about, so I stopped by WAGS at Firetower to grab some more toothbrushes and some Listerine. I checked out, paid with my RR and didn't get any back! So I asked the cashier and she and the manager told me that you can't get RR if you pay with them. I explained that I had done this the day before at WAGS on Evans, but they said the machine just wouldn't spit them out. First they get rid of the rebate system, now they're messing with the RR program. I'll keep shopping at other locations, but no more Firetower for me!!

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