Sunday, September 6, 2009

Birthday Freebies

My birthday is this month and I just so happened to stumble upon this list on RedPlum's website. It has over $100 in free stuff that you can get on your birthday! Check it out if you or someone you know has a birthday coming up, or save it until your birthday comes around. I'll be trying as many of these deals as I can!

If you love saving there’s no better B-day present than a fab once-a-year freebie—except maybe lots of ‘em! So here at RedPlum we’ve rounded up our favorite birthday freebies. Read on for a look at the best e-mail clubs to sign up for that’ll have you rolling in the free stuff on your special day.

  • Free Ice Cream: To start, hop on over to Cold Stone’s Web site to sign up for their birthday club, which entitles you to a free Cold Stone Creation on your birthday. We use this one every year and it never fails! Sign Up!
  • More Free Ice Cream! Want a a free Blizzard from Dairy Queen? Sign up online to join their e-mail club and on your birthday you'll receive a coupon entitling you to buy one delicious delight, and get another free. Not as good as an outright, no-strings-attached freebie of course (scroll down for more of those), but we'll still take it! Even better, you'll also get a BOGO Blizzard coupon just for signing up, begging the eternal question: do two BOGO coupons equal one no-strings freebie? Sign Up!
  • A Birthday Freebie Fit For Royalty! This is one big birthday freebie, worth about $50! So even if you don't live near one of the nine amusement-park-like Medieval Times restaurants scattered across the country, it's worth signing up for this one in case you'll be near one during your birth month. If you're not familiar with the old time-y haunt, Medieval Times is a concept that started in Spain and includes a visit to a full-scale castle where you'll watch a spirited joust and enjoy a repast fit for a king. And you'll also hear lots of talk about lords and ladies. Signing up online (see link) entitles you to a free feast and tournament during your birth month. So, hear ye, hear, ye....sign on up. Learn More!
  • Freebies From Toys"R"Us If you're not a mom, pass this on to one—because it's going to win her some points! While the monetary value of this freebie is low, the wow factor's pretty big. Sign up for the birthday club at Toys"R"Us and your kids will not only get a card in the mail from the store's beloved mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe, but also a phone call from him! The online registration lets you enter birthdates for multiple children and choose the time of day you would like to receive the phone call. The club is open to parents with children aged one through ten; make sure to enroll at least six to eight weeks before your kids' next birthday to be sure your card and call will be on time. Also on the site is a free birthday countdown for members, which your guys can check every day (and, conveniently for Toys"R"Us, they can also check out the toys they'll be asking for). Join!
  • Free Lip Gloss From Sephora! Sign up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider club and you’ll get one heck of a nice b-day gift from our favorite spot for calorie-free pick-me-ups. Sephora’s e-mail club will also get you other perks, including points for every dollar you spend. But what we’re really impressed with is the birthday freebie: a Super Shimmer Lip Gloss Trio in Pink, Rosy Glow and Bronzed Beauty. We like! You’ll need to redeem the offer during the two weeks before your birthday, in-store. If you won’t be near a Sephora, you can also redeem it online, but only with an online purchase. When you pick it up in-store no purchase is necessary. Get Your Gloss!
  • Free Pizza on Your Birthday. Free pizza has to be the the Mack Daddy of all birthday giveaways. That's why we were thrilled to find this freebie: a free entree at California Pizza Kitchen when your special day runs around. But here’s the catch (you knew one was coming…) the clubs for kids only. So get your guys registered, and then make sure you’ve taught them how to share! Sign Up!
  • Free Birthday Burger! This is another birthday freebie we cash in every single year! If you're lucky enough to live near a Red Robin location you're going to adore their birthday club, which entitles you to a free birthday burger every year. It's no muss, no fuss. The printable coupon comes via e-mail a couple weeks before your birthday, and you hand it in for the signature burger of your choice. Vegetarian burgers are also included, so no one's left out. The only catch: you've got to use it at the location you signed up for; so make sure you choose the one you're most likely to want to visit, not just the location geographically closest to you, when you create your membership. Sign Up!
  • Freebies From Fuddruckers We're not normally able to get that excited about birthday clubs that don't give us the full 411 on just what it is we'll be getting for free. But we adore Fuddruckers so much (best rootbeer floats ever—see if your location serves them!) that it's worth the suspense to sign up for this freebie club. All they'll tell us is that by joining Fudds Club we'll be entitled to freebies for us and for our kids on our birthdays. We’ll let you know what we get when our big day rolls around! Sign Up!
  • Free Orange Julius! Another fabulous birthday club that comes with a little you-don't-have-to-wait-for-your-birthday treat comes courtesy of Orange Julius. Sign up for the OJ loyalty club and you'll get a coupon for a free 20-ounce Julius drink when you buy another one of equal or greater value, plus an e-mail coupon on your birthday and another coupon on your anniversary from joining the club. Sign Up!
  • Free Queso! This one's sliding in as a non-birthday entry. On The Border's e-mail club isn't B-day specific, but it will get you some great stuff, gratis. Sign up and you'll get a printable coupon for a free bowl of Queso or a serving of empanadas. So go on and get it—no birthday disclosure required! Sign Up!
  • Free Meal at Denny's Want to teach your kids to save? Let ‘em learn to love free stuff! Sit down at the laptop and sign up together for Denny’s Birthday Club. Membership entitles your child to a free entrĂ©e and sundae on their next birthday; the coupon arrives before the member’s birthday date and is usually valid for a couple weeks. So if you’ve got party plans, it doesn’t have to be used on the birthday itself. Sorry tweens: the club’s only open to children ten and under. Sign Up Now!
  • Baskin Robbins Birthday Freebie! Baskin Robbins’s birthday freebie includes a little something for you, and a little something for the one planning your birthday party as well. Sign up now and you’ll get a free ice cream cone (or dish!) for your birthday. Plus you’ll get a discount on a delicious Baskin’s birthday cake to slide on over to whomever’s throwing this year’s fete. An e-mail will arrive about five days before your birthday containing your printable coupon for the free ice cream. Then you’re ready to reap those B-day rewards! Learn More!
  • Free Stuff From Boston Market! Boston Market’s playing it a little close to the vest when it comes to their free birthday giveaway. Like everyone else, they’ve got an e-mail club you can sign up for to get access to exclusive printable coupons and other benefits. And on your birthday The Market promises to spend you a “treat” to use at one of their locations. Just what does that mean? No one’s talking, but word on the street is some folks have gotten printable coupons for a free meal close to their special day. If you become a Boston Market VIP now you’ll also score a coupon for $3 off your next Market purchase. Sign Up Now!
  • Free Dessert at Buca di Beppo This freebie is from the restaurant chain Buca di Beppo. The family-style Italian joint runs an eClub you can sign up for that’ll entitle you to exclusive offers throughout the year. But the part you’re waiting to hear is just what will be free when you turn…29 again. That would be a free dessert, every year! Plus, if you’re lucky enough to already have found that soul mate, Buca will also send a little treat your way for your next anniversary. Sign Up!
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