Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good News Gets Better

Did you stock up on Johnson & Johnson products at Rite Aid? Well, here's some more good Rite Aid news. Starting today (9/13) they are beginning their "Gift of Savings" promotion again! It runs from 9/13-10/17 (although you won't see it advertised in their circular until next week). If you haven't taken advantage of this before, here is the deal. Basically, it's like the Single Check Rebates. Just enter your receipts like you normally do and Rite Aid will automatically track your total spending during the promotion dates. Here's what you get:

When you spend $25-$50, you get $5

When you spend $51-$100, you get $10

When you spend over $100, you get $20

The totals are before tax and before coupons! Click HERE for more details.

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