Sunday, May 16, 2010

Better Than Free Body Wash FYI

In my spreadsheet this week I posted that Walgreens is going to be offering Old Spice and Gillette body washes for $4.49 with $4.49 in RR, making them free. There are B1G1 coupons available for both brands in this month's P&G. I just found out that CVS will be offering a nearly identical deal next week. You can get either the Gillette or the Old Spice body wash for $4 and get $4 in ECBs. Plus, there is a limit of 2 on this deal. That means that you can get 2 Gillette (or 2 Old Spice) body washes in the same transaction, use a B1G1 coupon and pay just $4 and get back $8 in ECBs! Plus, there is also a $4 off 2 coupon, which is effectively the same as a B1G1 coupon in this case. So if you haven't been out yet, make sure to save yourself a coupon for next week. Free is good, but making a profit is better!!!

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