Monday, July 26, 2010

Office and School Supply Deals for This Week

Here are some of the best deals at the office supply stores this week. If you are a teacher, remember that the limits on the non-rebate deals are usually higher for you if you have the teacher rewards card for that store. Also, Staples is offering their free book bag deal again this year. If you don't have school-aged kids, I recommend getting one of these and filling it with school supplies for a need child. My church donates these to local schools each year, who then give them to children who can't afford school supplies. With all the great deals this time of year, you buy and fill a book bag with everything a school kid needs for only a few dollars! If you would like to do this, but don't know where to go to donate your book bag, check out one of the office supply stores, or call a local school.

Staples Brand Multipurpose Paper, Ream $0.01 (after MIR; limit 2)
BIC Round Stic ballpoint pens, black 8 pk $0.01 (limit 2 with $5 purchase)
Zebra Serasa retractable black gel pens $0.25 (after $4.74 MIR, limit 1)
Staples Hype! Highlighters 6 pk $0.25 (limit 2)
Really Useful Box 0.14L $0.25 (limit 2)
100% MIR with purchase of ANY bookbag!

Office Depot
Office Depot Brand Acrylic Ruler $0.05 (limit 3)
Office Depot Brand Eraser Caps 12 pk. $0.10 (limit 3)
HP Office Paper, Ream $0.95 (after $5.54 MIR; limit 2)
Office Depot Brand Wire-bound notebooks 6 pk. $0.50 (limit 2)
10% Qualifying Purchases for Teachers (with Star Teacher Card)

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