Monday, June 20, 2011

Super Doubles!!

Harris Teeter will be having a super doubles sale starting this Wednesday (June 22nd)! This means they will be doubling coupons up to $1.98 (instead of the usual ($0.99). Of course this will mean a lot of freebies and really cheap stuff! So go ahead and start pulling your coupons. Here's a preliminary list to get you started and a few tips/things to keep in mind:

  • HT will only double up to 20 coupons per VIC card per day
  • look for freebie items first
  • look for coupons for items you use regularly
  • most of the $1+ coupons are for cleaning and health and beauty items
  • avoid buying something that is free/cheap that you wouldn't normally get - you're still spending money on it (even if it's just tax)
  • get to the store early on in the sale
  • expect them to be out of some of things you're looking for, so plan for more than 20 coupons
  • HAVE FUN!!
As we get closer to the sale, there will be more coupon match-ups, so check back here again or at the Southern Savers site. Also, if you are looking for coupons to a specific item that isn't listed on the match-up yet, try searching on a coupon database. I like Hot Coupon World's database. Now is a great time to get items that don't go on sale very often.

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