Saturday, July 30, 2011

FREE Breastfeeding Products!!

In honor of world breastfeeding week, SevenSlings and UdderCovers are offering FREE breastfeeding products. You can get ANY baby carrier, nursing cover or set of breast pads for just the cost of shipping with the promo code "Breastfeeding". I already have 2 nursing covers (including the one pictured here) from UdderCovers and I LOVE them! Shipping is a little pricey (around $12 for a nursing cover), but considering you're getting the cover free, I think it's worth it. These make great baby shower gifts! UdderCovers also offers a set with the nursing cover, breast pads and rubber bracelet to track feedings. In the past, you've been able to apply the code to the sets as well and you just pay the difference between the cost of the set and the cover alone (about $5) and shipping. These are definitely some of the cutest covers out there! I think I'm going to get another one for myself!


  1. Thanks!! Just used this promo! :) Just as a side note you can also use promo code "seven" for the free nursing cover. I am super excited about ordering these its my first "baby prep" purchase for myself!

  2. Yay! Thanks for the code, Julie. I already have 2 of these nursing covers and love them!


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