Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekly Deals Update

I'm just getting ready to head out on my shopping trip (despite the rain) and I noticed a few things on the list that need further explanation.

#1 - The Stayfree deal at CVS uses a B1G1 coupon, not a $5/2 coupon like the list states (although, in this case they would do the same thing). So if you think you missed it, look again for a B1G1 coupon instead of a $5 one.

#2 - The Softsoap coupon available on the internet (via does not come up when you put in a Greenville/Winterville zip code. You will need to change the zip (upper left corner of the screen) to 45435. I tried that one and it worked.

If I see any other changes I'll add them to this post. Happy shopping!

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