Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekly Deals Update

I checked a few prices while I was out shopping today. First, I noticed that Walgreens has Schick Quattro razors BOGO and the cheapest one they have is $9.49, although the sale tag said there was one for $8.99 (I didn't see one). With 2 $4 coupons, you get 2 razors for $1.49 ($0.99 if you find the $8.99 razors).

Speaking of WAGS, check out the new one on Firetower and Hwy 11 this weekend (and next!). They have $3 off $10 coupons in their circular, which are good from the 13th until the 26th. In addition, I did not have the problems here that I have at the other Firetower Walgreens. I was able to use RR and get RR in the same transaction! Happy shopping!

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If you wouldn't have bought it to begin with, you didn't save money on it!

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