Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekly Deals Week of June 20-26

Happy Father's Day! It's looking like a 3-store kind of day, too! There are big deals and moneymakers at all three this week, so try to get there early if you can. And, man, there is ANOTHER great deal on diapers at CVS this week!! A big box of Huggies for $9.99 after ECB - are you kidding?!? Plus there are still $3 coupons out there. To make it even sweeter, I'm still hanging on to a $1 coupon for the jeans diapers, so I'm hoping they have big boxes of those, too. The big boxes have somewhere between 50 and 90 diapers depending on the size and variety. 70 diapers for $7 would be $0.10 per diaper (my threshold for diaper buying), so this definitely falls into the good deal category for diapers!!! The only drawback is that there is a limit of one per card :-(

Another great deal I saw was on Gillette/Old Spice items at Walgreens. You can get $10 RR when you buy $25. There are so many coupons out there right now that there are probably several ways to score some free/cheap stuff. Check it out. Maybe you can get something for your dad/hubby!

So, now you're wondering, where are all the deals?? HERE is the SPREADSHEET!

Happy shopping! Use your profits this week to buy something nice for a special dad in your life :-)

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