Sunday, May 8, 2011

Just One Insert Today :-(

I just checked my paper and thought The News & Observer had messed up an just gave me one insert. But, I double-checked and this week is a one insert week - Smart Source only. Bummer. However, there are coupons in there you can use today - check out the spreadsheet! If you got the N&O today you can score a free box of Carefree panty liners with the $1 off coupon inside (at all 3 stores), 2 free bottles of Finesse shampoo and conditioner with $1 coupon and $2 rebate (Rite Aid), and some seriously cheap make-up at CVS with the $2 Revlon coupon! Unfortunately, the $5 off Tylenol Precise coupon was not in the paper, but there is still a printable coupon available.

If you're ever in doubt as to whether you got the right inserts or if you want to look ahead to see if it's worth picking up the Sunday paper, just do what I did. Head over to my blog and click on the pile of coupons on the left side of the main page. It will take you to a list of what inserts will be in the paper each Sunday for the entire year!

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